3 Main Danger of Untreated Genital Herpes

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Title : 3 Main Danger of Untreated Genital Herpes
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3 Main Danger of Untreated Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is include into one of the most dangerous sexually transmitted disease that attacking 4 of 5 adult in United States. Unluckily, many of us that do not aware of this fact. The virus itself is mainly caused by herpes simplex type 2. The infection of this virus itself may caused by skin to skin contact such as contact with the infected area or intercourse. The sores of this disease may healed but the virus itself stay remain for years awaiting for their recurrent time. That is why, it still caused several dangerous things on your health like described below:
Lower Immune System Level
When you are infected with genital herpes then you will be automatically put your immune system at risk. If the immune level get lower then you may likely get more outbreak possibility along with various complication that follow it. The type of complication itself such as bad headaches, fever and swollen glands.
Discomfort feeling
Without proper treatment, your herpes virus will left reappear sores. It may appear again every few weeks. Living with this condition is absolutely create discomfort feeling. Previously, you will feel itchy or burning sensation. This feeling will remain and haunted you since you will never ever predict when it will happen. The discomfort feeling itself may not lesser even though the sores may healed without any left scar on your skin.
Virus spreading
Improper treatment on your genital herpes disease will create other danger. You are in high risk on transmitting it into your sexual partner. The condition will be getting worse if you are pregnant. You may not only feel the suffer and pain by yourself but also transmit it into your fetus inside the womb. Your baby will be likely have the risk on newborn baby death, blindness or brain damage. Another scary risk is miscarriage and premature birth.
Just be more aware and contact the doctor immediately to be seriously treatment with your genital herpes problem.

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