4 Main Things about Genital Herpes Symptom in Women

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Title : 4 Main Things about Genital Herpes Symptom in Women
link : 4 Main Things about Genital Herpes Symptom in Women

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4 Main Things about Genital Herpes Symptom in Women

In fact, genital herpes is include the highest rate of sexually disease that commonly transmitted in the United States. This disease itself may caused by type 1 and type 2 herpes simplex virus. For the patient, it is well known as attacked more on women than men. It is usually attack people during 15 and 24 of age. Since women is the most attacked one then you need to be more aware of the possibility getting infected. Earlier awareness of the symptom will lead you into a better step to take prior test and the treatment.

Need to know more about it? Check out the following 4 main things below:
Genital herpes early symptom in vaginal area
When you get herpes virus, 2 up to 12 days after the initial infection is the time of first symptom to appear. Most of you may think that this disease will only spreading through intercourse but it may also infected you without intercourse relationship. Early symptom in womenusually named as prodromal symptom. This is the stage that happen before the sore or lesion appear. You will feel the series of discomfort including tingle, itchy, pain and burning sensation around genital area for about a few hours up to one day before the sores appear.
Herpes outbreak
Outbreak is the symptom stage where you can find the blister fulfilled with fluid around the genital area. The sores itself will appear in the external genital, opening of vagina, inside the vagina, buttocks and upside of the inner thighs.Small cluster often appeared and called as vesicles that will break in one day or two. The only thing that left is open sores which will healing automatically during the time that passed by. Outbreak of herpes usually followed by vaginal discharge, swollen lymph nodes in the groin and urination with burning sensation for about 2 up to 4 weeks.
General women body symptom
When the initial outbreak of herpes appear then the vaginal discomfort will likely to occur. Same with other infection that caused by virus, the first symptom usually initiated with headache, fever and body aches. This may badly affect you in several first days and stay still for about 2 weeks of length period.
No symptoms appeared
Even though genital herpes is including into one of most contagious sexual transmitted disease but most people may not aware of the infection itself. They may think that they are just fine even though the infection is started. It is simply because this disease may attack without showing any symptom. Some reason is the mild symptom that may happen so that we will easily refer it into another type of common disease. Most people who get infected will think that painful feeling on the urinary tract is only urinary track infection. However, it still contagious to the other with or without symptom showed.
If you get any tingle, burn sensation or sores in your vaginal area then you better immediately see your doctor to get tested. It is helpful to make sure whether you are infected with this disease or not. If you are proved to be infected then you can get proper type of treatment earlier. Not only providing medication to helping you deal with it, the doctor is usually also provide you with psychological consultation to manage with the stress and prevent the recurrence outbreak of genital herpes.

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