5 Best Vitamin for Genital Herpes

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Title : 5 Best Vitamin for Genital Herpes
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5 Best Vitamin for Genital Herpes

Genital herpes  as well known viral infection without exact cure found is an undeniable fact. Once, you get it and then you will life with it. Even though you may not get the cure but you can try to reduce the recurrent attack and spreading toward other through several ways. At least, some vitamin and proper food can help you to manage with it. Even you can life more comfort by doing this. Just try to consume the following 5 best vitamin and food that rich of antioxidant. Why antioxidant? It is simply because it can repair your skin from infection and cure the radical damage.

Vitamin A
Vitamin A is the first among best 5 since it can help you to increase our immune level. Some studies even found that crucial deficiency of vitamin A can increase the risk of getting genital herpes attack. That is why it is recommended to take 900 mcg of vitamin A for men and 700 mcg for women above 14 years old in daily basis. If you choose to take it through supplement then the advised dosage is 4000 IU for women and 6000 IU for men. You can simply get this vitamin by consuming carrots, pumpkin, spinach, sweet potatoes and beef liver.
Vitamin C
This type of vitamin can be easily found in many fruit and vegetable. Consume 10.000 mg if you are in active outbreak and 500 up to 3000 mg in daily basis as prevention step. Tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, leafy greens and brussel sprout are the example of high level vitamin C of vegetable. For fruit, orange, mango, watermelon, winter squash, papaya, pineapple and berries are the example. Fruit that categorized in berries are strawberries, cranberries, blueberries and raspberries.
Vitamin E
You can simply find vitamin E in vegetables, fruit and grain. It can help you to reduce the discomfort feeling and boost the healing process. Consume broccoli, spinach and vegetable oils is great step to take. The type of vegetable oils that advised are the one that gained from safflower, sunflower and wheat germ. Flax seed oil, almond, hot peppers and wheat germ oil is also useful source.
Vitamin D
In fact, vitamin D work by stimulating your immune system and boost T cells to fight the infection. Sun rays is the natural source of this vitamin. 10 up to 15 minutes of exposure will be enough.
Vitamin B12
The main function of this vitamin is decreasing your stress which is include into main component to lead into lower immune system. If your immune gets lower then you may easily get the recurrent outbreak. Consume Swiss cheese, soy product, fortified cereal, skim milk and shellfish are good option besides B complex supplement for genital herpes.

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