6 Main Point on Genital Herpes Supressive Therapy

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Title : 6 Main Point on Genital Herpes Supressive Therapy
link : 6 Main Point on Genital Herpes Supressive Therapy

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6 Main Point on Genital Herpes Supressive Therapy

Genital herpes is a kind of disease that is not being curable yet. There is no prove of certain medication or even method to be completely healed from it. However, there are several types of therapy that are well known to take care of this disease. One of it is the supressive therapy with several medicine such as famciclovir, valacyclovir and acyclovir. Before moving further, you better understand more about the term of suppressive therapy itself. It is a kind taking the medicine is daily basis to decrease or prevent the future attack.
Need more information about this kind of therapy before making any decision? Get the 6 main point of it below:
Genital herpes supressive therapy cost
Each area will carry its own cost for this type of therapy. Besides that, your choice on dosage and brand will also need to think about. Do not forget to also put your insurance plan and pharmacy when setting the budget for the therapy. If you want to decrease the cost then you better take the generic brands which is cheaper. If possible, take the insurance to cut around 30 dollars for each month otherwise you should pay double. For the medicine, valocyclovir is an expensive one. However, this medicine has fewer dosage so you can save some money.
Supressive therapy effectiveness
If you usually get attacked by re occurence outbreak then this suppressive therapy is great to take. It is simply because it can reduce the outbreak possibility up to less that 2 in a year for people who usually got 12 times before. The outbreak itself is also getting shorter period and milder one.
The connection between supressive therapy and transmission rates
If you are taking valtrex for example during this therapy and you are abstaining from sex then you get a decreased rate of transmission. Yearly transmission rate is around 8% from man to woman and 4% from woman to man.
Supressive therapy dosage
Usually, doctor will recommend you to take 1 gram per day. Of course it is only prescribed for patient that has normal immune system. For those who has less than 9 outbreak per year may only suggested to take 500 gram per day. Moreover, this medicine can be consumed with or without food.
Side effect of suppressive therapy
Every single type of medication may contain side effect. It is also apply to supressive therapy even though it is considered as safe to be taken in a long period. Commonly, the patient who taking this type of therapy will have diarrhea, vomiting, headaches and nausea. Some of otehr may also get itchy, slight disorientation and dehydration. Only a few that has other side effect such as constipation problem, edema, dizziness, sore throat, vertigo or abdominal pain.  Less than 1 percent may get tremors, loss of appetite, ataxia, seizures or hepatitis.
However, each patient reaction will be different based on each condition. So, whenever you get bloody diarrhea, fever, less urination, fainting or unusual red spot then you better go to the doctor. Being aware more on mood changes, swelling, seizure, hallucination, aggression or drowsiness. Be sure to contact the doctor immediately whenever you have unusual side effect after taking the therapy for your genital herpes.

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